TOCLAN AGRITECTURE SOLUTIONS (Toclan Asia) has been designing and building innovative, hydroponic systems for over 8 years. We produce and help to install food-grade NFT Hydroponics systems for small and large operations. They range in size from 3-plus feet (for hobbyists and educators) to 1-plus acres for commercial suppliers of fresh and organics vegetables. Toclan Asia can supply all your hydroponic needs whether you are a commercial grower, a serious home gardener or a hobby grower. We take pride in building a supportive relationship with you the customer to make sure you maximise your hydroponics experience and have access to the best products and services in the hydroponics market. As well as this Toclan Asia can offer you advice on how to get the best out of your hydroponics garden. Toclan Asia also offers a consulting service to clients who need more formal advice and guidance. We supply everything you will need to be successful including: