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Toclan Ohsem Starter Kit (OSK)

Regular price
RM 45.90
Regular price
RM 49.90
Sale price
RM 45.90

Code : OSK

No.of Pot : 4 nett pot

Size : 61cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 16cm (H)

The above price inclusive of;

  1. Planter set
  2. Nett pot (x4)
  3. Cocopeat
  4. Peatmoss
  5. Micronutrients Hydro AB Fertilizer
  6. Random Premium Seeds (Pakchoy / Salad / Kangkong)

How To Use :

  1. Fill up 3 Litre of Water with 30ml A & 30ml B Fertilizers in the Planter Set, repeat the same ratio for the fertilizers every-time you need to refill the water.
  2. Refer to this video on how to germinate seeds : https://youtu.be/-wBt68nEw_w

Note : 

  1. Price do not include Delivery Fee.
  2. Please choose "SKYNET" as the Shipping Option.
  3. In-house installation is not available for this product

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